ArchitectureFRIS architecture

Behind the new portal is hidden a complete renewed IT architecture. The starting point when building it was to retrieve data directly from the processes and systems of the knowledge institutions.
Ad hoc collection for FRIS in that way becomes unnecessary and the new information is also much faster unlocked. The focus of the new architecture lays on quality, completeness and automation of information through web services.

This new way of delivering initially means a major administrative simplification: the information comes directly from the authentic source and data do not have to be frequently requested. More current and better data makes it easier measuring research output: the ratio between the budget spent by the government on research and what are the results of this research.

In addition, in this new architecture, the data provided are also released as real 'open data'. With this, the Flemish Government is involved in the open data and open access movement, which is high on the political agenda.

Would you like to make data visible on the FRIS research portal?

Would you like to make your data visible on the FRIS research portal? This is possible! Depending on the scale of your institution, we look together to find a way to get the most efficient data in FRIS.

Data can be entered manually and directly in our system or can be read from your existing systems. Exchange of information occurs in the latter case in CERIF xml, a European standard.

Would you like to use the data in FRIS?

Also that is possible! In the new FRIS architecture, all submitted data are also re-opened as real "open data" and offered through web services. The data are accessible through open APIs. Information is concentrated by specific content type: a web service with information about researchers, about organizations, about projects, about publications and about classifications.

Our organization service contains all information about the research groups in Flanders. Here you will find a description of the profile of this group, its place in the organizational chart of a knowledge institute, the scientific disciplines of the expertise of this group, etc.

Our person service contains all information provided about the researchers: their names, their expertise, their scientific disciplines, their contact information and the research groups to which they are attached.

Our project service contains all information about the ongoing and completed research in Flanders financed by the government since 2008. You will find information about the title, abstract, researchers, type of funding and scientific disciplines.

Our output service provides an overview of the publications since 2008 and their bibliographic metadata, including the link to an Open Access repository.

More information about the FRIS services can you find here .


Open data

Open data

Since long time the Flemish government has been a pioneer in Open Data and now, with FRIS, makes data from scientific research accessible to everyone. By making this data freely available, we resolutely opt for transparency, so that enterprises can realize economic added value. From now on, everyone can work freely with data about publicly funded research in Flanders. The 'open data' are available via the FRIS research portal and via open APIs. Extra description of the FRIS services can you find here. The FRIS_Vademecum (in Dutch) gives information about the FRIS data model, the used attributes and the business rules. In the FRIS Integration Guide you can find all information about the exchange format for data delivery to FRIS. It is mostly compliant with standard CERIF (version 1.5) because of interoperability, but differs in certain aspects. More questions? Feel free to contact us by our contact form.