How do I get my data in FRIS?

Would you like to make your data visible on the FRIS research portal? This is possible! Depending on the scale of your institution, we look together to find the most efficient way to get the data in FRIS.

Do you only have a limited set of information available but you would like to publish this at the FRIS Research portal? Via an interface you can enter your data directly into our systems. These will be immediately visible and searchable on the FRIS research portal.

Do you have large loads of data but not yet the necessary systems to register the data and deliver it to FRIS? The Flemish government also offers possibilities for this. We provide a research information system to institutions that they may use for internal data management if the data are being delivered to the portal.

Do you have large loads of data and already built-in internal systems to register data? Then we would like to see the possibilities if a turnaround of your systems to CERIF xml will be able to read the data in FRIS.

In the FRIS Integration Guide you can find all information about the exchange format for data delivery to FRIS. It is mostly compliant with standard CERIF (version 1.5) because of interoperability, but differs in certain aspects.