How innovative is my PhD application with a specific funder?

I am a future PhD student and I want to write a proposal on a specific topic within a scientific discipline, for examplepaediatrics.
I know that I want to apply for funding at Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) and I want an overview of what has already been funded by the FWO so that
1 / I know what I do not have to request and
2 / I also get an overview of which kind of substantive research actually got funding

How do I search this at the FRIS Research portal?

In the central search field I type 'paediatrics' and click at 'Search'.

My search results appear sorted by category. My search action gave me 36 projects.

I click at the block 'Projects' to select them.

In the left navigation, I select FWO as funder.

This way I limitate my selection to 8 projects. In the left navigation I can also see under which disciplines these projects are classified and consequently know which expert panels are related